True HDR10 from Vero4k+

Hi everyone.

I don’t know much about this specific platform and my interest has grown last days due to that it seems a pretty stable, but still flexible and configurable forked platform from Debian.

However in Kodi forums I’ve read (although some info could be outdated) that Linux kernels aren’t able to process 10bit colours, so once the frame is decoded, it’s converted to 8bits and, in the render stage 2bits are added using dithering techniques. So we get 10bit colours but not the “original” 10bit info decoded from the HEVC stream.

I’m just looking for any confirmation about how this is really working in the Vero 4k+ (OSMC+Kodi) platform. ¿ Original HEVC 10bits or 10->8->10bits?

I throw this question since I’ve got an OLED panel wich is fully HDR 10bits capable.

Thanks in advance!

In vero the path is actually 10bits->32bits->10bits. Vero has its own custom kernel.

Indeed. This is implemented in a hardware specific manner for Vero. These changes are not (yet) part of a vanilla, upstream Linux kernel; which is why this doesn’t work on other platforms such as x86.

Please let us know if you have any other questions

Thanks for your quick answers!