Trying to add workout videos to my library

I have a NAS (OpenMediaVault) setup for storing all of my TV shows, Movies, and Music. This is all nicely integrated with my Rasberry Pi running OSMC. My wife would now like her workout videos on the Raspberry Pi the same as the rest of our videos. They aren’t found at the, and they request that you don’t add them to their database. I haven’t been able to find any how-to’s for making this work, I’d like the videos to show up in the library the same as a tv show, with the artwork and everything. Is anyone doing this? Or could you kindly point me to a how-to doc that I may have missed?

Personally I would not use the Library for workout videos. I would put them in a separate folder from your Movies and TV Shows, and access that directly via Video->Files.

If you enable extract thumbnails from videos (off by default) you will automatically get a thumbnail generated from the video.

As long as your files are clearly named this should be sufficient. Depending on the skin you use you could also add a menu item or sub menu item on the home screen that takes you directly to that folder.

You could do something similar to this, which will get you your thumbnails, fanart, description, etc: