Trying to create Library - cannot set content

I am trying to set up my Video Library on an RPi 3
I have videos on a Synology NAS via SMB.
I have had a library working before using an SQL server hosted on the NAS.
It stopped working AGES ago and I am finally getting around to trying to fix it (thanks Corona virus!).
Apart from the SQL set-up (which is a whole 'nother headache), when I try to set the content for my SMB sources, nothing happens and my selection of either ‘Movies’ or ‘TV Shows’ as content is not saved.
Can anyone provide any advice to get this working.

Log is below (i hope)

Cannot set content

so if you go to videos>files>TV> you can see the files and folders in that network share, but when you context menu on the “TV” folder and select “set content” the settings are not saved one you press “ok”? Am I understanding the issue correctly?

And there is no ‘scanning’ activity starting after I select ‘Yes’ to the question which asks about “refreshing” all file entries in that location (or something like that).

If you temporarily remove your advancedsettings.xml file and reboot are you able to save these scraper settings using the SQLite db?

Edit: I should have looked farther down the log. I think you still need to grant permissions in your db

ERROR: Unable to open database: kodi_client_video116 [1045](Access denied for user 'kodi_client'@'' (using password: YES))

The MySQL user on your database does not have the correct permissions:

2020-03-16 12:29:01.198 T:1792426720   ERROR: Unable to open database: OSMC_Client_music72 [1045](Access denied for user 'OSMC_Client'@'' (using password: YES))
2020-03-16 12:29:01.198 T:1792426720   ERROR: Unable to create new database
2020-03-16 12:29:01.334 T:1792426720   ERROR: Unable to open database: OSMC_Client_video116 [1045](Access denied for user 'OSMC_Client'@'' (using password: YES))
2020-03-16 12:29:01.334 T:1792426720   ERROR: Unable to create new database

Make sure that the OSMC_Client user has create database permissions.

Thanks. I’ll look into that and report back - both client user accounts should be “OSMC Client” and not “Kodi Client”, so I have some checking up to do!

It was a previous attempt that had kodi_client in it.

I did notice one other thing in your logs: I’d suggest getting rid of the banned repositories and addons that you’ve installed. They are know to cause stability problems.

Thanks mate!
I revisited my ‘PhpmyAdmin’ set-up on the Synology and when I created the User account for OSMC to use - “OSMC_Client” - I had selected the option to ‘Grant ALL Privileges’ AND the option to allow creation of a database with the same name.
(as I am stipulating the names of the databases in my advanced settings.xml)

This was my mistake - I should have ONLY selected ‘Grant ALL privileges’ and all the permissions.

I deleted the User I had created and re-created it exactly the same except for that one check box.

Synology is busy chomping its way through my library now…
Fingers crossed that should fix it.

I really appreciate your help :mask:

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Good to hear that. For a home database with limited users accessing it, you really don’t need to worry much about the DB user permissions.

EDIT: I should also add that having the DB name linked to the user name will never work with Kodi, as the DB name always has a number appended to it. So if you created a user: OSMC_Client_video it would fail because Kodi would try to create a database named OSMC_Client_video116 (for the current version of Kodi). The same is true of the music database.