Trying to get flirc running with OSMC

I had problems getting my generic USB receiver to work with OSMC/Rapsberry Pi2. Others have had the same problems in other threads so I decided to bite the bullet and get a flirc as many have reported this works with OSMC.

I have the flirc and I upgraded to the latest firmware. I followed the directions to get it set up with my Harmony 890. However, nothing happenns when I boot up the pi (none of the buttons show any sign of life). Any ideas? I’ve tried the different profiles in the “Remotes” section without luck.

setup instructions that I followed:

I have a Flirc that I use on my Mac Mini with a Harmony one.

The flirc emulates a USB keyboard not a remote control, so you won’t have any luck changing settings in the Remotes section as it does not appear as a Remote.

It’s a long time since I set up my Flirc (nearly 2 years) so I don’t remember the exact details of what I did but basically it can be “taught” to send almost any keyboard keystroke from almost any IR code, so technically it doesn’t matter what remote profile you use on your Harmony as long as none of your other devices will respond to it! (Eg don’t use an Xbox mediacenter remote if you also have an Xbox 360…)

There is a profile in the harmony database that is set aside specifically for the Flirc and has a good selection of buttons, as described in the article you linked - so I would use that, and I think that’s what I used myself.

Within your harmony configuration you may need to map the buttons under customise buttons in the device and/or activity so that when you press up it sends the up command and so on. Many are configured by default but not all are and you might want to reassign them.

The next thing you need to do is program the Flirc itself - as mentioned it is completely programmable and can be made to “press” any key in response to any IR code from any remote. So it needs to be taught to send the right keys to Kodi when you send certain IR codes from the remote.

I think there is now a predefined profile that you can configure using the Flirc programming software, (which must be run on a Mac or PC) but I set mine up manually by learning the keys one by one. (You’d want to look up what the default keys are to perform different actions in Kodi or find them by trial an error)

Because it’s a keyboard device you can test some of your mappings by plugging it into a PC and running notepad or other text editor - for example the stop button should be mapped to x so when you press the stop button you should get an x on any device the Flirc is plugged into. In kodi pressing x will stop playback.

Hope that helps. The Flirc is really good and infinitely customisable but in my experience it does take a bit of time to get it set up just how you want it especially when you’re dealing with programming a harmony remote as well.

Thanks so much - I really appreciate the help.

I think what I am missing is that in other places I have read that there shouldn’t need to be any profile loaded. Harmony has a flirc profile and now flirc has a Kodi profile (I see in the flirc tool). Should I need to map/load anything? I’ve never actually had a non-Harmony IR remote as I previously mapped everything in the Harmony setup.

Problem solved. This was painful… the sensor for my extender had fallen down and thus the flirc was not getting the signal. Sorry for wasting time with this one.


perhaps you can help me …

i had also problems getting my flirc device (harmony remote touch) to work … on my mac oder windows pc everything ist fine, but on my raspberry2 + osmc (latest version) nothing happens.

ist there a way to test the flirc stick on the console? do i have to install something else (addin / driver)? do i have to install a special keyboard config file? for me it´s really strange … Any ideas?