Trying to get VNC to work on my pi3 with osmc

I wanted to connect to my pi3 with osmc from other computers on my network, so I followed all of the steps in the [HowTo] Install a vnc server on the Raspberry pi thread. I keep getting an error VNC reconnecting. VNC does seem to connect when I change the resolution to Low. In the low mode I am able to control the pi3, but I get no audio. Is there any way to get better resolution and sound?

Vnc does not carry audio.

I did not realize that. Is there a program I could put on my pi3 with osmc that would let me control it from other machines to play music and videos?

Vnc on a pi3 is not suitable for this. Enable upnp server in kodi services and use a upnp client.

Will the upnp client allow me to use Kodi as if I were directly on my Raspberry Pi running Kodi?

No, that is not possible. It will allow you to view or listen to the media from your pi on a remote device.

Thank you. At least I know the limitations.