Trying to install the OSMC solution / 1st time user

I have been for the past 2hrs, trying every possible way to install your software but I must be doing something wrong. See the response I get back in terminal mode:;

mrraudet@mrraudet-AO725:~$ sudo apt-get install osmc-installer_127_amd64.deb
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package osmc-installer_127_amd64.deb
E: Couldn’t find any package by glob ‘osmc-installer_127_amd64.deb’
E: Couldn’t find any package by regex ‘osmc-installer_127_amd64.deb’

Please help me!

What system are you using to install OSMC? What is the target platform (Pi?)

Did you follow the instructions on the page for how to install the installer?

The software is to run on RPI3 and I’m rying to buil the sd card from my laptop running Ubuntu latest ver.

Follow the instructions here: Install package home:osmc / osmc-installer


I used the pkg from your download page and followed instructions


There are no instructions for how to use the .deb directly on the OSMC downloads page. Easiest way is to follow the link I gave you.

To install from .deb you have to use dpkg: software installation - How do I install a .deb file via the command line? - Ask Ubuntu

Went to the Ubuntu pages to get support. Exactly as you are suggesting but as you can see that was not the solution. This is my first install starting from linux and I’m not to proud of my results so far.

OK, it looks as though the hand holding worked miracle or at least did the first part of the job.

Can you tell me how to get this onto the SD card now!

Just run the installer, it will walk you through the steps.

BTW, Welcome to OSMC :smiley:

Just got it as you were responding. BTW thanks for the welcome your support is quite good I must say.


No problem, what’s what we are here for. Feel free to ask questions.

It is a good idea to search the forum however before asking questions, as it may have been already asked.

Well the installer just notified me that there was an error and it’s still at 0%

You may wish to use dd or a Windows PC to image the card.
There is a log file generated by the installer in the home directory which may give you more clues.

Well this has been a somewhat challenging undertaking for me, but thanks to you, I’ve succeeded with the SD set-up. There was some files that had been written on the card during one of my earlier attempt this afternoon;and it was these that blocked the installer.

Now I know!
Again thanks for your help.