Trying to make backup addon work with dropbox

Got OSMC customized in every possible way and I just love it, thank you for this beautiful OS!
Now I want to back it up to save all the work I have put in it. I followed this tutorial:

arriving to the part:
“3. SSH into ur pi and goto home/pi/.xmbc/xbmc.log
(scroll down to the bottom or search “script.xbmcbackup”)”
I know it might be named script.backup instead and pi is replaced by osmc and hidden files and folders are meant to be shown, I am using winscp and the .kodi folder is right there, but for the life of me I can not find a script.xbmcbackup or script.kodibackup or script.backup i even tried all the possible searches from within the terminal without suceess, all this to find this famous url from dropbox to allow access.
Any help would be immensly appreciated.

I believe the better question would be where to find the kodi.log, thank you. :blush:

ok got it working!
for whoever is reading this post I used from the terminal :root@osmc:/home/osmc/.kodi# find . -name “kodi.log”
so it was it was in the temp folder,got the allow url from there, copy paste in chrome and got the allow message that gave me : “Success! OSMC BU is connected to your Dropbox.”
back to the backup addon hit ok as per the instructions and voila, everything is being backed up now.