Trying to share USB HDD (connected to Pi2) over network

I had this set up, on one SD card it works. Now I’m trying to set it up on my bigger SD card, but I CAN’T find the settings.

I have the HDD connected, I can play the files on it. I have the SMB server set up, I can see the share on other devices, but the USB HDD is not shared.

I handled this so easily last time, I have no idea what I’m missing. This is something simple and it’s killing me!

Can someone please tell me how to include the HDD in the network share? Thank you very much.

Did you reboot since installing SMB server?

Yes. But of course since it is visible, that’s obviously not the issue.

I really do appreciate any help.

OH MY GLOB! It just started working for no apparent reason. After streaming a show I looked and one of the partitions was showing up in my android under ES file explorer. Then I looked at file manager on OSMC and the other two partitions were missing. After that, I disconnected and reconnected the drive, then all three partitions showed up on OSMC. Refreshed in ES file explorer on android phone, and they were all listed.

Maybe it just took some time? Maybe it was magic. Either way, waiting solved that problem.

What in the world could that have been?!?