Trying to work out why KODI switches to play automatically

Hi All

Using a Vero 4K with latest software. When I switch my TV/AVR on which is done with CEC for some reason the Vero will automatically start playing the last movie.

I can see in the API for KODI, it changes from PAUSE to PLAY.

Does anyone know why this is occuring?


I assume the Vero behaves the same as RPi for this … so check settings in
Settings->System->Input Devices->Peripherals->CEC Adaptor
and disable the resume function

Thanks, it doesnt have that function im afraid.

That function’s on the Vero, not the AVR.

Thats what i mean. Its not listed under rhe cec menu on the vero.

Please take a photo of what you see.


Will do.

See attached

Try also turning off:

‘Switch source to this device on startup’


OK, but isnt there an option missing??? the one mentioned above

I think we just got confused as to the wording of it.

Unfortunately that hasnt fixed the issue

We need to see a log to see what’s happening here.

Here is the log

This is turning on the TV, nothing was playing. Then hitting play… and hitting stop. Turning the TV off.

Then turning it on again and its automatically playing, again.

Ive turned off the cec adapter in the vero and its still doing it! Wtf

Any thoughts Sam?

I looked for LIRC activity in your log.
I can see KEY_OK_UP and a few other strange presses.

What remote are you using?
This isn’t being caused by CEC.

Sam, im using the remote supplied with the Vero

Have you used Keymap Editor?

07:34:05.690 T:4082639440 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 124620732:160 0 KEY_OK_UP linux-input-layer (KEY_OK_UP)

would never be sent by the OSMC RF remote by default


Yes, I use the key map editior whilst the remote was broken that you replaced. I can just uninstall it.