Tunnelin Radio fadeout problem

Hi all,

I have a problem with every radio station on Tunnelin plug in. After approximately 15 minutes it starts fading out. It can be seen on my screen as well. After system restart there is no problem for I while but after a while it starts again.
Any suggestions?

Never heard of tunnelin radio add-on. Did you check with the add-on developer?

Thank you for replay.

Sorry, my bad…Name is Tuneln Radio.
I have never heard of add-on developer :slight_smile: some tool for add-on development?
I didn’t mention I checked all system, audio, player, radio add-on setting and didn’t find any possible problem

The developers (people) that created the addon. If you don’t know who they are, you’ll have to do some google searches to find out.

Such issues should be assumed to be an addon problem until proven it isn’t. Does the addon perform without issue on other devices? You’ve provided pretty much zero useful info about your system except that you have a fading (volume?) issue. We don’t even know what device you are using and what kind of hardware environment it is in.

What can be seen on the screen?

It would be wise to provide those developers with logs. If it were our problem, we would require them before we could move forward. Here’s how you can easily provide your logs to them…