Turn my raspberry pi into a bluetooth music receiver


I’d like to turn my raspberry pi 2 running OSMC into a bluetooth music receiver (I have a bluetooth CSR v.4.0 dongle). I’d like to send music from my laptop or smartphone to my raspberry pi by bluetooth and that it plays the song through analog input.

I have seen few guide but it was for raspbmc and it doesn’t seem to work for osmc…

Here is what I found :

Anybody know how to make it work ?

Thnak by advance.

@yelow u got the dongle to work m8. I have the same one ordered from ebay any joy with it thanks?

Take care, cause to have a bluetooth receiver on your Pi you will have to install pulseaudio. But it’s not recommended to use pulseaudio on a Pi cause, for good audio quality, it’s is very very CPU hungry… So you will have to downgrade audio quality.
I used this link http://www.instructables.com/id/Enhance-your-Raspberry-Pi-media-center-with-Blueto/
to make it working before I uninstall it (read the comments)

Sorry I didn’t answer before, I was justly coming back there to share the link you shared ! :smile:

Well I followed the tutorial as well and it’s working great so far ! I was even able to set a password (no need to manually configure every BT device :)))

I don’t know about audio quality actually I can’t try loudly cause it’s night here, I’ll try tomorow but it didn’t seem so bad to me. Anyway I’m not using very good speaker and very high track quality as well so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Maybe it’s possible to use smth else than resample-method = trivial ? Or maybe possible to desactivate when playing local files ?

EDIT : I tried it with my headphone and find it acceptable so I guess it should be fine with speakers :slight_smile: (my RPI will be always linked to speakers)