Turns on but doesn't work right?

im using a standard pi 1b, i decided to check out OSMC, and found a promising well… start… all that’s connected to the pi is to my TV via composite, and as soon as i plug it in, it turns right on, i see a bit of flashing & warping going on for a second followed by a rainbow screen. okay, but it didnt change after about 20 seconds so i assumed i manually changed it, so i restarted the pi but this time i also had a powered hub plugged in with a wireless keyboard & mouse (2 in 1), and a powered speaker plugged into the aux. jack (powered by the USB hub), and it just had the rainbow screen. i tried swiping the trackpad, clicking, pressing a few things on the keyboard. nothing, just the rainbow screen. sitting for about 10 minutes… nothing. is my pi too old? is something wrong?
~i installed it using the windows version of the installer because the mac installer didnt open on El Capitan. (no error message, just no response from opening the program.)
quick edit: its marked to work with pi 1 so old shouldnt be an issue

If you have another SD card available, I’d suggest trying that.

And wait longer than 20 seconds while installing. It’s been a long time since I’ve installed on an older Pi, but I don’t think 20 seconds is long enough. I’m not sure since you are using composite if you will see progress during the install.

Are you using the correct image for the Pi1?

the installer had an image list but the images were cut off so it was blind pickings, i may have just grabbed a wrong one. i will check around that real quick.

i do have a second card im currently running in the other pi and it shows the NOOBS install screen, should i just put NOOBS on both the cards and install OSMC_PI1 on the second card using NOOBS?
i did not know noobs had an option for osmc before a minute ago

It’s up to you. But if you have no plans to run anything other than OSMC, I’d suggest using the OSMC installer instead of NOOBS.

noobs is installing on one pi, different story, different OS.
i kept the format the installer left, deleted what i could see, and just pasted what was in the IMG in its place, plugged it into my TV, saw the rainbow, then flashed right over to the install. appears to work now. thanks!