Turns on by itself after standby mode

I am running Kodi 17.6, and have enabled standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. The Vero 4K+ goes into standby mode and the red light on the front glows.

Strange thing though is even though I don’t touch the remote to wake the Vero after some time I notice that the red light is off and the Vero has woken on its own.

I also notice that it will not suspend on its own anymore like the first time.

Is this therefore a Kodi issue or is there something I can try.

:blush: Thank You

You can post logs.

Do you use CEC? Try disabling that as a test

Thanks Sam I will try that tonight and report back.

I disabled it and it has not turned on by itself. I will look to see if it’s possible to disable Cec only for the HDMI connected to the Vero as I find it useful to control my other devices and stereo.

Thanks Sam

You can disable CEC under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals on Vero. This won’t affect other devices.

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