Tuto NFS, Synology DSM 6, OSMC 18



I would like test NFS under this configuration

  • NAS Synology under DSM6
  • Vero 4K+
  • OSMC 18

I’m looking for a recent tuto to do that, have you a new tuto for me ?



Have you looked through the Wiki here? There are several posts about configuring NFS.

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Vero 4K

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Vero (late 2015)

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Vero (late 2014)

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Raspberry Pi

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Apple TV

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So you looked at every thing except the WIki…

How about this for starters: Configuring fstab based NFS share mounts

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I don’t understand how do… I return in SMB who don’t work directly with OSMC but i do how resolved the “Operation not permitted”…


I have find, it’s very easy on Synology finally…

I don’t use NFS V4 because i don’t know how activate that on Vero




A quick google search produced this for the nas:


As for osmc I suggest looking at the link posted by bmillham or you may find autofs easier:


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to late…