TV and/or receiver does not turn off with Kodi

Hi there!
I am using a Vero 4K+ with a Philips 37PFL7605H TV and a Yamaha RX-V373 receiver. The TV is connected to a HDMI input of the receiver, the Vero to the HDMI1 ARC input.
HDMI CEC is working fine so far but I what does not work is turning TV and receiver off when turning Kodi off through the menu.
This worked before in my setup with a Raspberry Pi 2.
I tried all the possible options in the CEC periphal menu but still, when I turn off Kodi/the Vero off by clicking on turn off in the menu of Kodi, TV, receiver and the connected hard disk still run.

Is there a way to turn off all my setup?

Have you tried the suspend option?


Hi Sam! Thank you for your reply!
Do you mean the suspend option in the shutdown menu? I tried that: Vero goes to sleep but TV and receiver are still running

Enable debug logging, enable the options in CEC peripheral menu and then set to suspend. Upload the logs via ssh grab-logs -A

Thank you! Here are my logs:

A strange thing happened. I did not change anything but right after I uploaded the logs and used the shut down option, TV and receiver also powered down. It works! :slight_smile:

Reliable now?

Unfortunately not it seems. It only worked this one time

So no idea then? :frowning:

Not really. You could try powering down everything at the mains for a few minutes. This sometimes resolves some CEC problems.

Thanks Sam, but that’s what I always do. Powering off everything completely after I’m finished watching TV.

Totally disconnect power from everything?

Yes, I use a multisocket that powers off everything at the same time

I hope you shutdown the Vero cleanly before you press the main power off

Yes, I use the shut down option in Kodi, wait till the Vero and the connected hard disk shut down completely and then I power off the multisocket

Well reading through the thread again I have two thoughts:

  1. Why are you not connecting the Vero via the AVR? Is the AVR not 4k passthrough capable?
  2. Suggest you enable debug logging, shutdown the Vero, restart it, upload logs than we will see if CEC shutdown commands are sent

Actually, the Vero is connected to the AVR.
I will upload the logs again!

Well than I misunderstood as you mentioned the ARC port.

I am not a HiFi pro so maybe I got something wrong? Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? Connect the TV to the ARC port on the AVR and the Vero to another port on the AVR

Not sure which one now