TV Dongle


I was wondering if I could use the external TV Dongle on one of my OSMC boxes which would record to my wired server for playback on my other OSMC boxes around the house?


That should work fine just mount your wired server on each of your OSMC and you are good to go.

… and install the TVHeadend add-on (not TVHeadend itself) so that each other device can watch live TV and schedule recordings etc.

Hmm, will it record the EPG data or not?

It will grab it OTA, yes.
You can also use an XML based solution as well.

Interesting, so I guess you need TVHeadend on the server also?

I do already have a HDHomeRun but never got it setup correctly in my Unraid server, it could find channels etc but the EPG didn’t work or match up etc. Ended up just left in it’s box under the stairs!

You install TVHeadend on an OSMC device via the App Store.
You could mount your server’s SMB or NFS shares and tell TVHeadend to record there. TVHeadend is therefore not needed on the server and the server is just used for storage.

IiThat sounds perfect! So if I schedule a recording or series they will be playable on all OSMC devices around the house?

Also can I live stream channels and view the OTA EPG via ethernet (not WiFi) to other OSMC devices without the dongle from the master one with the dongle?


Yes, but at the same time you only can watch a channel that is on the same MUX that currently is being watched or recorded

So there is only one tuner? Maybe I’m best getting to grips with HDHomeRun and TVHeadend?

Each DVB Stick normally has one tuner (there are some with two but not recommended).

You can use two tuners. Then you can record at least one program while watching another. If on the same mix, you can watch / record several.

Hi all and sorry if I revive this old conversation but I’m ordering the OSMC TV Dongle for DVB-T and
I’m really interested to have a fully working EPG to plan my recordings.
Since here in Italy EPG via OTA are not so good I would like to know more about
the above sentence regarding the EPG:
“You can also use an XML based solution as well.”