TV Episode Aired Date vs DVD Order

There used to be an option within Kodi to switch between episode aired date or DVD order but I cannot see to find it in the version ported over for the Vero 4K+. The software is currently locked down - as far as I can tell - to the aired date while completely ignoring the file name formatted as such (Show.Name.SXXEXX.Episode.Title.Resolution). This affects multiple TV series ordering (Futurama, Firefly, etc.) and I cannot find a way around it.

Any and all help, barring generating NFO files for all episodes, will be greatly appreciated.



Just checked, dvd order is available on the osmc skin, you need to go to file mode:

Videos, Files, *Source

* In my case the source is TV Shows,

Now you you should have a list of TV Series, highlight the series in question; bring up the context menu (letter on c on a keyboard). Set content, its in the settings option under “Chose Information provider”

Thanks Tom.

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Sorry for being completely inept here but how do I get to file mode and proceed with the instructions you gave?

You go to where you added your source/s. Probably “Videos” from the home screen, and then you go to “files” which shows your sources. You can then navigate down the source to the folder you want to change the scraping for, context menu and select “change content”.

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Okay, I have made it to the menus mentioned but the only options I get are what you see in the pictures. FYI, it was set on The Movie Database, not the Local Information Only since I do not have NFO files for my library. Am I missing something here?

It looks like TMDB doesn’t have the DVD order option. On that second screenshot note the “get more” at the bottom of the screen. Click on that and install the TVDB scraper. Once you have that then when you change content change the scraper to TVDB, click on settings, you should see the “Use DVD order” option.


Okay, I figured out the issue. I had to install TheTVDB add-on and now I can edit the options as previously suggested. Thanks everyone!

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Ahhhhh, you beat me to it. Thanks again for your help.

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The Kodi TMDb scraper does have the option to do alternate orders, you just don’t do it with a setting. You do it with a parsing nfo url with the custom episode group. That might be easier than using an entirely different scraper just for one show.

The nice thing about this is that TMDb can actually have multiple different kinds of groupings, not just a single alternate DVD order. There are some shows that have different releases based on country or platform, so TMDb is a great more flexibile than theTVDb.