TV Episode naming convention

Hi Everyone,
I love the way OSMC works, especially with the Yatse remote app. The scrubber for Movies works so well. However it is the TV episodes where I have issues. The main reason is I had them names like,

[tv series].S[01]E[01]

Where I think the built in scubber (or whatever it’s called) works the opposite i.e.

S[01]E[01].[tv series]

The biggest problem is that I have far too many files to rename in order to take advantage of it and I’ve held off doing it in case you implement a scrubber that can read the file names like how Boxee used to [tv series].S[01]E[01] .

How likely are you to make this change though and most files that I get my hands on are already named this way to start with.

Thanks guys.

This is completely dependent on Kodi but, I doubt you are gonna see any change here. This is what Kodi expects.

A Google search will reveal that there are a number of programs out there than can do batch renaming.

I see I see,
It’s not the naming convention where my problem is. It’s the folder structure. I had folders listed 0-Z followed by the TV series > Season > file. Which makes easy referencing but the top folder can be read at the TV show name instead of the folder below it which has the actual name.

TV Shows
|…|–TV Show 1

I know you can ignore some folder or specify that a folder contains one tv show but in the past that hasn’t worked for me and I still had TV shows either starting with Zero (0) or a letter of the alphabet.

For the sake or easily storing and referencing I’d like to keep on doing it this way if I can get the scraper to read it correctly. Any other suggestions?

I mean other than setting 0, A, B C etc as parent folders…

I think - if I’m understanding correctly - that making the 0-Z folder(s) your sources instead of the parent “TV Shows” folder, that should get past the problem.

Your tv show titled folders should be directly below the source you’re adding. Kodi doesn’t care what that source folder is called, just that your tv show folders are right there without it having to go digging through subdirectories looking.

Yes, you could do that, but it would mean 36 sources need adding… better plug a keyboard in for that one :slight_smile:

Quite! Personally I’d just move all my series folders to “TV Shows” rather than go through that hassle.

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I started to make the extra defined directories and it started to work a lot better. I was getting 12 Monkeys and 30 Rock showing up and looking nice and organised. Then for some reason I get Tosh.0 which is something I don’t have so unless I need to tell it to clear the library a different way then I’ve been doing it might still be reading the top folder?

The point is things are looking promising :slight_smile:

If you’re using thetvdb scraper make sure your tv show folders are named the same way they are on

If you use a media manager to save .nfo files to your directories then you could probably define scrapers as “local content only” and have your shows show correctly with your current directory structure. Note that I’m not 100% sure if this will work but it’s worth trying.

So i read through this thread and i’m still a little confused. I’m using TVHeadEnd (TVHE) for my DVR functionality. The only configurations/settings i can seem to find in the TVHE server web interface for file naming is “Make Subdirectories Per Title” and “Include Episode In Filename”. When enabled, i get a subdirectory which is named the same name as the show, and then i get a file name such as Scorpion.E37.ts. So, i enable absolute episode (one season) setting in the TVDB addon. In this event, The TVDB addon doesn’t seem to find anything. Using the Kodi naming convention as specified in the link provided by @ActionA, it would seem that the file name should be Scorpion.ep37.ts (note the additional character, ‘p’). However, The TVDB addon still doesn’t find anything.

But if i go to and find that episode, i find that it is actually season 2 episode 15. So i name the file Scorpion.s02e15.ts and what do you know, TVDB addon finds it and loads the metadata.

So, does anybody know of a setting that i’m missing to get the TVDB addon to use the absolute episode number (preferably in the format that TVHE uses, which is an ‘E’ followed by the absolute episode number)?

Would probably be more appropriate to ask them…

Ok, posted to the tvheadend forums… we’ll see what happens. If someone responds, and my issue is resolved, i will post back here with the update. If no update, and you are reading this thread and have insight, please feel free to post as i’m probably still stuck.