TV gets turned on via CEC command after upgrade to 2021.08-1


since the upgrade to 2021.08-1 I have an issue with CEC commands.

  • Raspberry 3
  • Samsung TV
  • Connected via HDMI cable and I am using the TV remote to control OSMC on the Raspberry

Before the upgrade I had configured the system in a way that the TV was not turned on when OSMC got rebootet or the mediacenter service restarted.

The upgrade seemed to have changed certain settings/interpretation of the settings.

I now configured the system in the following way but the TV still gets turned on when restarting the whole machine/linux reboot. Restarting just the mediacenter service does not result into turning the TV on.

Settings for Peripherals:

  • CEC Adapter, version: libCEC 6.0.2 firmware v0
  • Enables: Yes
  • Switch source to this device on startup: Off
  • Devices to power on during startup → None
  • Devices to power of during shutdown → None
  • When the TV is switched off → Ignore
  • Physical address (overrules HDMI port): 0
  • Force AVR to wake up when Kodi is activated: Off

Logs (a little bit manual cleaning, mainly on sources):

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.

If you disable Kodi (sudo systemctl disable mediacenter); does the TV still turn on?

Hi Sam,

yes even after disabling the TV still gets turned on and I see the blue screen with the OSMC logo during startup. But then the screen remains black afterwards but the TV is still on.

Was there maybe a change within the /boot/config.txt file?

Currently I have the following settings in that file:


include config-user.txt

I am a little bit surprised about the [pi4] section. Is this correct? I am having a PI3.

Thanks a lot.

Are you using profiles, and if so did you check both the master user CEC settings and whatever profile your using to make sure “Switch source to this device on startup” is disabled everywhere?

As for the RPi 4 section in config.txt this is normal as that file is the same across all supported RPi’s and that section only loads when it is booted on that hardware.

which profiles do you mean? Where can I find them? As mentioned below the issue appears even with a fully disabled KODI.

Profiles are where you add extra users to Kodi such as for a partner or kids that have their own settings. I have had a few times where I forgot to change things on all the profiles and not just the one I was logged into so this came to mind. This would not be the case if it is happening only during boot though.

Upon taking another look I think the issue may be that “hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1” is no longer in config.txt like it was in previous versions of OSMC. Try adding that to config-user.txt and see if it gets you where you want to go.

adding this /boot/config.txt solved the issue. The TV does not get turned on anymore while controlling via the TV remote control is working after I manually turn on the TV. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Thank you for the good hint.


Did it not work if put in config-user.txt? The config.txt file may get reset at some point with updates and the config-user file is intended to be the location now where most personalized settings are put so they are not subject to being lost with updates. There are some options that need to be loaded earlier and this requires putting them in config.txt, but I wouldn’t think this would be one of them.

yes adding to ‘config-user.txt’ works as well. I was too fast in reading and missed this small detail. I now moved the setting.

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