TV HEADEND Script Folder

Hi everyone,
I try to install an EPG Grabber with on my OSMC Rpi3.

I followed this tutorial: Connexion
With the use of this script: GitHub - inrepublica/tv_grab_FR_Kazer: Grabber XMLTV pour TVHeadEnd (Guide électronique des programmes pour les programmes TV Français).

Inside the tutorial, it’s written that I have to go inside this folder: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.multimedia.tvheadend/bin/

But there is no service.multimedia.tvheadend inside the addons folder.
Can anyone help me to find this folder ?
Thanks a lot ?

The .kodi folder is found in /home/osmc/.

Thanks for your answer. I found .kodi folder.
My issue is that inside the addons folder, I don’t find the TV Headend (service.multimedia.tvheadend/bin/) folder.

I even look inside addon_data.
Is that possible that the name is different ?

I know nothing about tvheadend but, could it be that it doesn’t exist until you create it?

TVHeadend isn’t a service addon for Kodi. The service file you refer to is a systemd unit used by Libre/OpenELEC.

systemd services around found under /lib/systemd/system on OSMC, but you should use a drop in to prevent your changes from being overriden

Ask the maintainer of your 3rd party add-on for further guidance if you have further queries, they will provide better advice than us