TV language frontend

Users who watch live Tv on a OSMC setup have sometimes a hard job to plought trough all off the available channels. (depending on the M3u file they put in the PVR settings it can be more than 3000 channels to choose from) All these channels have to be downloaded just before Kodi starts. This not only takes time, but it is also quite useless and daunting.

The thing with TV is that you want to understand what they say. I can’t imagine a Chinese person watching a Mexican news program. It doesnt make any sense fot them.
Its nice to have so much channels available but before you start viewing it has to be filtered on language. (okay you can do this with the tv channel settings, but you still have to download all channels in the system).

A better system is embedded in the Kodi subtitle settings, there you can enable languages by demand. You can for instance select german or french as prefered subtitle language…

Would it be possible to do the same with the TV settings as well BEFORE you add a m3u playlist in the PVR, Independent of what playlist you use??

This is not a OSMC specific topic, you would be better of requesting it with Kodi

as KODI is fully embedded in OSMC its obvious people will post it here as well…

Who cares? The people who can affect this change are on the Kodi forum! Just like virtually every post you’ve made here. With the exception of your web browser post, they are all Kodi issues that OSMC has little control over.