TV menu item missing

In former versions of OSMC, e.g. Kodi 16.1, when I had a suitable M3U file in the \OSMC\TV Shows folder I automatically got the TV menu item displayed, in which I could see my channel list and start a channel (Amber skin).
Now with the latest Kodi versions starting early this year, even though I still have the same M3U file in place, the TV item does not show up.

Did you enable live TV in the Kodi settings?

I can see the “Live TV” item in Settings, however when I select it, in the submenus I cannot see anything related to “enable” or “disable”

OK maybe a more precise description:
What I tried was to add the TV source via “Add Videos” which was wrong I guess…? The reason why I think it’s wrong is that then I cannot select the content type “TV Shows”, “Live TV” or something related to define.

I also have to say that I didn’t require any addon for that, prior to any OSMC released after end of 2016.

So where and which media item do I need to add, in order to get TV displayed in the main window again?
As I said before, the .m3u files is at its correct place.

I’ll close that one: Problem solved by enabling the PVR IPTV Simple Client.
No idea if that was active in my previous OSMC versions, however I am quite confident I didn’t disable it…

Anyway, it works :slight_smile: