TV recordings very fast

I have a problem wird some TV recordings. I have recorded some TV series with my receiver and copied them to my NAS. After they are copied i remove the comercial breaks and so on.
Now everytime i play them with the Vero 4k+ they are fast as hell. Picture and Sound is async.
Is there anybody that can help me to solve the problem?

Many Thanks


Mediainfo on one of the files would be a good starting point. And of course logs when the file is playing is always useful.

How are you doing this?
Do the originals play OK?

I did it with avidemux but didnt tried an unprocessed file until yet.

Can you please check with an untouched recording?


I will do this after work and will give feedback.
Thanks Sam for your fast answer.


Untouched recorded files looking good. No problems and not to fast.
What the F**k can i now do with the "problem"files?

I don’t think you will be able to convert them back to a usable state unfortunately.

Scary. If i convert the “damals file” into mp4 h264 it works fine. But it takes 2,5 hours for each file.

You could try a tool like VideoRedo, which allows you to manually adjust the audio offset from the video.

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