TV Remote - Apple TV

I’ve been using my TV (Sony) remote to control my OSMC set up on a RPi 2 for almost a year. I got a new Apple TV 4 for Xmas and since I have plugged this in, my TV remote that I use to control OSMC has stopped working. I’ve looked at the settings on the Apple TV but had no luck.

Does anybody know what the issue is and how it can be fixed??


If your seeking support for ATV4 then this is not the forum seek help for that on Kodi Forums

I’m not. I’m seeking help on getting my TV remote to work with OSMC again!

then i will ask for this

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you need to provide DIAGNOSTIC LOGS so we can diagnose the problem. If you don’t supply logs, we can’t help you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

And if you unplug the Apple TV from the TV does your remote work with OSMC again ?

If so does that not point the finger at the Apple TV ?

It’s a well known fact that one device connected via HDMI to a TV can cause CEC to stop working on all other devices connect to the same TV, because the CEC data line is directly connected between all HDMI ports on the TV and is a shared serial communications bus.

This can happen for example if the device is still connected via HDMI but is unpowered, or if it is just poorly designed in this regard. One workaround is to use an HDMI adaptor which does not pass through the CEC data line for the offending device. These can be found on amazon and elsewhere.

I unplugged the ATV but the HDMI cable was still in the TV and so still had the issue. I didn’t realise the HDMI cable would still ‘read’ the device.

Do you mean something like this…

Thanks for your help

Do you mean you unplugged the power to the Apple TV but left the HDMI cable connected ? If so, that would actually cause the problem you describe. If you did unplug the HDMI cable at the TV end and CEC still didn’t work then it could be another issue.

Note: after unplugging the Apple TV’s HDMI cable, you must reboot your TV and then Pi in that order to get them to recognise each other again.

Yes that’s what I mean. It’s just an adaptor that leaves out one wire that is used for CEC. If it turns out that disconnecting the Apple TV restores normal CEC operation on the Pi, and you don’t need to use CEC on the Apple TV (you probably don’t, when you have the Apple remote) you would plug this adaptor in line with the Apple TV’s HDMI cable (at the TV end of the cable preferably) and that should solve the problem.

This is a reasonably common problem with some cable/satellite TV boxes, which don’t themselves make use of CEC but cause problems with CEC on other devices on other HDMI ports.

Yeah I did, I didn’t realise it would make a difference!

I’ll check it out when I get home later and see. I don’t need CEC on the ATV just OSMC as its easier. If I need the adapter I’ll get one ordered.

Thanks for your help, appreciate it! :+1: