TV Scrape misses first few episodes of the first season of every show

As the title states… I’ve got the latest OSMC build on my Raspberry Pi 2 B, I scrape my TV shows. I have ~60. Most, if not all, have the first 5-6 episodes of the first season not showing up. Is this a known issue? Did I scrape wrong somehow?

Let me know what more information I should supply.


Not a known issue.
If you had watched the first few episodes and have “hide watched” enabled, you may get this effect.
If the earlier episodes had different permissions, then Kodi may not be able to access them.

I have not watched them. I’m not good with Linux permissions so I gave myself full permission to everything.

Is there a verbose scrape process so I can see if it’s skipping these episodes or having trouble finding info or identifying or what? Is there a more manual way to scrape so I can ensure it gets all the episodes?

How do you think I should proceed?

Enable debug and post a link to a debug log after running a scan.

In an attempt to enable SSH on the Pi, I restarted OSMC and the scrape now seems to catch the missing episodes. I still have an issue where some shows won’t successfully scrape any episodes, but still shows up in Television.

An entry for the TV Series as a whole will appear even if you just have an empty folder with the correct name for that series.

If individual episodes are not scraping it means that the files are not named in a way that conforms with what Kodi is expecting for TV shows.

Please see here for the required naming scheme: