TV screen re-size

I never really managed to adjust my tv screen correctly , using the built in Kodi adjustment tool…

Is there any other easier way, like in Android ?

You mean to set the dimensions correct?

Yes, for Kodi to fit inside my TV screen. The extremes, like the favorites button are hidden.

On my other box, running Android 4.4.2 I can do it very easily from settings, but I never managed to fully understand how the settings inside Kodi works.

First set your TV to a pixel perfect modus, like 1:1 or full something…

If it still isn’t correct, you can calibrate your screen like this.

Trying to calibrate the screen size in Kodi is a band aid approach.

Find out how to disable overscan on your TV and you won’t look back. Even if you calibrate the size correctly using calibration mode you are losing a lot of picture quality as he image is being shrunk by the Pi then blown up by the TV again.

I solved the problem.

I used the zoom on settings. Simpler, easier and effective, more than those complicated squares and triangles !

Zoom only zooms the user interface to fit. You will still have the actual video blown up and partially off the screen, as well as the image quality being blurry.

You really ought to solve the problem at the source - which is to turn off overscan on the TV.

It’s usually only a few presses of the remote to do this, I don’t understand why so many people resist fixing this the right way even when advised what the problem is.

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When i changed to 1:1 this realize me how crooked i had it before, of course i calibrate before with Build in Kodi tool, thanks for a tip. Now it is perfectly fine.