TV series not recognized

Dear friends,
I have a NFS share from a raspberry configured in Files as a TV directory.
In it I have 4 directories, each of which is a mini-series (documentaries).
So for example I have a Dynasties directory and within it have files such as:

and so on and this mini-series shows up both in Files with a folder image and in the TV Shows function.

Apparently I have a similar setting with another mini-series with a Seven.Worlds.One.Planet directory and within it:
and so on
the only difference is that this directory additionally contains a “on-location” subdirectory with 7 .mkv which are the corresponding “behind the camera” shorts for each episodes and also also the additional files which are no present in the 3 directories that show well in TV Shows:

Can anyone suggest what I’m doing wrong please? I can only access this under Files but not under TV Shows and in Files it’s the only directory that does not show up with a folder image.


Are you saying the “on-location” sets don’t show or the entire series?

TVDB suggests the on-location was aired as a single episode (S00E03) so if it’s split up that was done after the fact and may not have information available in the usual scrapers.

Thank you for helping. It’s the entire series not showing …

I dont use KODI to create the NFO’s Try this Ember Media Manager ALPHA - Discussion Thread

I don’t either. I use MediaElch (MacOS here) and 99.9%. of the times all goes well even setting the scraper to “local files only”. But this damn directory is not working and can’t understand why… Will it maybe suffice that if a directory contains ANY video files lacking the .nfo and other metadata then it won’t appear in the TV Shows list? This would be the case here because of that “On Location” subfolder having 7 mkv files without any NFO for them

Kodi does not care if there is additional files in a TV show folder. As you have local files only set as your scraper it will only correctly scrape any episodes that have NFO files, and only then if the NFO files do not contain any errors. I would suggest using a program such as Notepad++ to look at a few of your working NFO files to get an understanding of how the files are formatted and then compare that with the NFO files from the show that is not working to try to spot something that looks off.

Alternatively you could install TinyMediaManager and see if you get better results with that. I’ve never tried using MediaElch but TMM is I know would allow you to make custom entries for those extra files that do not have entries in the online scrapers as well.

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Thanks will try. MediaElch have been using it with 99% success for quite a few years now but will investigate what you suggest.

I normally let KODI do the job. This works in 99,999% of the cases for me. I once had the same issue that KODI did not recognize a tv show. By adding a NFO file I was able to point KODI to the correct show and then KODI did the rest. You can try the following:

Folder structure and NFO file:

  • Dynasties
    – tvshow.nfo
    – Season 1
    – Season 2
    – Season …

and within the file “tvshow.nfo” (yes I had exactly this name) I then had only one single line with the URL:

The screenshot I adjusted to your needs. I had issues with another series. Your problem can also be that the series is called differently. You can try the following main folder name: “Dynasties Australia”

Thank you very much all.
While it’s years I have no problems with Movies+MediaElch+local info only with the TV series I’m getting really weird behaviours.
Tried several directory structures, let them also rename by tinyMM, used both tinyMM and MediaElch to build/rebuild .nfo files etc but some show up, some never do and the most puzzling behaviour is two of the series that showed up nicely now have disappeared :slight_smile:
So I guess that as this is not OSMC related I’ll just settle accessing my series via the Video menu and stop loosing your (and mine) precious time.
Peace and love

If you name the folders properly then you should not have any problems using the Kodi scraper. I’ve been using it for years, and very rarely I need to create a .nfo file for a TV show. But… If you have .nfo file already, they may be incorrect. Show us the content of the .nfo file for the TV Show (not an episode, but tvshow.nfo) and maybe we can help you figure out what’s going on.

Have you read through the Kodi guide for how to properly setup your directory structure for TV Shows?

And do you have TV Shows and Movies in totally separate folders, and those set as sources in Kodi with the correct content type?

Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:
Yes Movies and TV are totally separate folders. Yes the content type is correct.
The general TV structure folder is:

  • ShowName
    — Season 1
    — --- ShowName_S01E01_xxxxxxxx.mkv

and so on. This structure lives on a Rpi4 and is share via NFS to Vero4K+/OSMC

Follows tvshow.nfo from the top level show directory contents. Thank you very much.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--created on 2020-09-02 10:47:06 - tinyMediaManager 3.1.8-->
  <plot>Follow the true stories of five of the world's most celebrated, yet endangered animals; penguins, chimpanzees, lions, painted wolves and tigers. Each in a heroic struggle against rivals and against the forces of nature, these families fight for their own survival and for the future of their dynasties.</plot>
  <thumb aspect="poster"></thumb>
  <thumb aspect="poster" season="1" type="season"></thumb>
    <url cache="auth.json" post="yes">{"apikey":"439DFEBA9D3059C6","id":352054}|Content-Type=application/json</url>
  <uniqueid default="true" type="tvdb">352054</uniqueid>
  <uniqueid default="false" type="imdb">tt9130692</uniqueid>
  <studio>BBC One</studio>
    <name>David Attenborough</name>
  <dateadded>2020-09-02 09:23:25</dateadded>
  <!--tinyMediaManager meta data-->

It sounds like instead of testing out TMM on just the couple TV shows you were having issues with you went after your entire library and perhaps you have other shows now that have gotten NFO files messed up or missing due to sending two different media managers after them. I would suggest if you wanted to continue with the NFO approach take any shows that are not correct one by one, remove the NFO files from their directory, recreate them using ONE of the managers, and then in video>files>[source] either context menu and tell it to scan for new content directly if the show is missing from the library, or if you updated a show that did show up in the library bring up the ‘information’ screen and refresh saying yes to all episodes.

On a more general note I would question the value in using NFO files for anything that does not need them. By using local files only this means you always have to scrape with the media manager before it can show up in Kodi. If you set an online scraper then anything you have a NFO file for that will be used and everything else will be directly scraped by Kodi. This means that most of the time all you need to do is put new files in your source named correctly and update Kodi’s library and the media manager step is avoided. When you have a show that is not picked up correctly then it usually is corrected by either naming it the same as the online source (for example your show on TVDB is “Dynasties (2018)” and not “Dynasties”) or just manually making a parsing NFO (this is the type of file @Tombar was talking about above).

One final note about directory structure since it got brought up. For TV show the subfolders are irrelevant as they are ignored by the scrapers. The name of the TV shows top level folder is important for the initial scan of the show only. After the show has been scraped to that folder the only thing (if your not using NFO files) that is important is a season and episode number can be picked out of the file name. My preference that is 100% reliable is naming episodes in the format “s01e01 - [anything you want as it will be ignored].ext”.

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Thank you. Immensely useful. Will try and fix this thing (next weekend, now struggling on “real work” :))