Tv series season 1 problem

i have various tv series installed, in all of my season 1 series i only have episodes 8 and over! episodes 1 -7 have not been scrapped, all other seasons are fine, all named the same and in the same way.
im totally at a loss

Most of the time it’s a naming issue, have you followed

To not get stuck you can always play the file through video>files and browse to the location

its defo not a naming issue, 1 series maybe but not 9!

ok this is weird when i went into video>files and browse, not 1 episode is in any of my files not 1! how can that be?

Got to the file explorer and confirm the files are visible. If not and files well present it can be permission issue. Correct the permission and update your library.
If the files are now present in the file explorer or video>files but not scrapped the kodi.log should mention the issue