TV Show actor image irregularity


Afternoon all,

I have things running pretty sweetly with my OSMC/Vero4K/NAS setup this days. One thing that still perplexes me however are odd instances where a TV show actor thumbnail doesn’t seem to load. Case in point, Jeremy Brett of Sherlock Holmes (1984) fame. All the other major actors have images, but not Jeremy. Is this just me, any ideas, does anyone else actually get an image of Jeremy?

I use .nfos prepopulated with metadata and scrape using local information only, however there doesn’t seem to be anything peculiar about Mr Brett and the .nfo contains no reference to the actor artwork anyway.


The scraper may simply not have this artwork.



Like Sam mentioned check if there is an actor image available.

If there is check for any spelling errors or other foreign characters as the font may not be able to display certain characters.


Am I right in thinking that the TV details are scraped from TVDB? If so, they there definitely appears to be artwork and no spelling issues for Jeremy Brett is you see series ID 77728.


What skin are you using?

I have issues with some actor images not showing on the current production Titan skin, but the beta fixes it. The images also worked when I switched to other skins, which is what led me to investigate bug fixes in my skin of choice.

You can also check your database to see if an image has been downloaded. Here’s the SQL code to check it:

SELECT, actor.art_urls, art.url
FROM actor, art
WHERE = 'Jeremy Brett' AND actor.actor_id = art.media_id and art.media_type = 'actor'

In addition, you can use the texture cache maintenance utility to see if Kodi has correctly copied the image from the art url to the /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails directory


I’m using Estuary. The SQL returns zero rows for Movies107 which I presume is the current KODI 17 video database. …which presumably means nothing has been scraped?


So, where does your .nfos data come from?

For tests I simply created an empty file Sherlock Holmes (1984) S01E01.mkv in my TV shows directory. I’m using skin OSMC and for scraping of TV shows. Settings -> Media -> Videos -> Download Actor Thumbnails is active:


Thanks very much for checking this JimKnopf, as I definitely now know it’s something I’m doing/in my setup.

I’ve been using MediaCentreMaster to download matadata for years, even before discovering XBMC. This works pretty well with Movies and OK with TV shows appart from this artwork “feature”.


Oh, I missed this part. Sorry.

There’s a bug with the scrapers where if you have more than a “starter” .NFO file, they will not scrape actor images. The only time actor images are scraped are the first time a movie/TV show is added to the database, and if there is more than a certain amount of data in the .NFO file (don’t know the threshold), it’s considered to be “done”.

Also, with “local info only”, nothing is ever added from the Internet. You must already have the image downloaded somewhere for Kodi to find it, but Kodi doesn’t ever search for actor images locally.


Thnaks for all the info. I’m not sure that last part about not fetching anything from the internet when using local information only is right in regard to images? Looking through a random sample of my .nfo files, the actor entries just have name and role and nothing about images, however some TV series actors have ended up with an image that must have been fetched by something. Even if these were fetched against a movie, KODI must have “linked” the images to the TV series too?


Actor information (name and roles) is scraped correctly, but images are not downloaded after the first scrape of a movie/TV show, regardless of any other settings. An actor image will be downloaded if a new movie/TV show that contains the actor is scraped, even if the actor info already exists in the database.

With “Local Information Only” set, nothing gets updated from the Internet…only the .NFO files are used.