TV Show episode listed 3 times


I have recently added a TV show episode via ssh (as I always did since I have my RasPi osmc). Few days later, accessing it from my OSMC device, I found it listed 3 times in the season’s list!

The file in the disk directory is just one (see screenshot) and no other files are there except the other episodes. Looking at the database, there are 3 entries for the same episode (see screenshot).

I have tried to clean the databse, but nothing changed.

Any clue?

What’s the table you’ve listed? The third column has a value of 827 listed three times. Find out what that column is and you might have your answer.

The table is the “episode” table, and the third column is named “idFile”. I can make a guess, or try to be Sherlock Holmes, but I really hoped someone on the forum had the same problem, so to share a possible soution. :slight_smile:

Anyway, supposing that “idFile” means the “ID of the file”, it is correct they have the same value, as I only have one file on the disk.

Perhaps someone has come across this problem before. You can wait and hope or we can try to see what’s going wrong.

From the way the idEpisode values increment sequentially, it looks like the three rows for episode 3 were added before episode 4. The -1 value in column c03 is a bit strange but I don’t know what c03 represents - or what the significance of the -1 value is.

You say that you “tried to clean the database” but didn’t say how. IMO, to see what’s happening, you’d need to move episode 3 somewhere else where Kodi won’t see it and rescan the library. Check that it’s been removed from the database, then switch on Kodi debugging, move the file back and rescan again. If you still have three rows in the table, post the Kodi debug log.


Yes, this fixed. But I still don’t have any knowledge about what caused the problem and how to avoid it in the future.
Thank you very much for your assistance!

I hate it when that happens but at least you’ve fixed the problem and know what to do if it happens again.