TV Show file naming for Kodi AND Synology Video Station


so before I start renaming 64 tv shows of ~ 3TB and ~ 1600 files, I’d like to make sure how to cover both naming conventions of Kodi (or better, the scraper for and Synology Video Station simultaneously. The aim is to have a single point of storage (the Synology DiskStation NAS), but two separate libraries – one one the Vero 4K with Kodi/ scraper, and one on Synology’s own service for sharing and scraping content, namely Video Station.
Both have an entry in their respective wiki (click 1, click 2).

To me, it looks like it’s okay to use something like Altered Carbon.S01E01.ext
Any experience on this from users working with Syno and Kodi? Better use spaces to separate show name from SxxEyy? Use an underscore somewhere? No dots? Any traps to avoid?

Thanks for your input in advance

Turns out it actually works that way. Anyone wondering and finding their way to this thread by a search engine or something, you’re okay to go with

Your TV show name including spaces.SdigitdigitEdigitdigit.fileformatextension

e. g.

Altered Carbon.S01E01.mkv

If you scrape shows with names other than Video Station’s primary scraping language – like when 95 % of your shows are in English but the remaining 5 % are in your native language – prepare for some funny results and having to adjust, though. Just do that in Video Station’s own menu.

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