Tv show library are not updating


Recently new tv shows do not scan into the tv show library.

If I go to videos/files and find the various shows, the files are there including picture but they do not show up in my tv show library.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.


The insight is a bit thin here as debug logging wasn’t on during the scan but…

Is your movie scraper set to The Movie Database Python v2.1.0
Is your TV show scraper set to TMDB TV Shows v1.6.5

If not, does switching to these scrapers fix the issue? Additionally, if you had been using a scraping source other than TMDB for TV shows when they had been originally added, had you updated the TV shows listing? To do this you would navigate in your library to the top level of a show (not a season or episode), bring up the information screen, then click refresh.

If you are using any nfo files that can factor in as well. If the above doesn’t resolve please state if you are using local metadata and provide logs with debug turned on during a library update.

Apologise, I should have figured that out myself. TV show scraper had somehow switched to the movie database. Thanks for you swift support.


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