TV Show & Movie Metadata/Thumbnails

I’ve just setup my Vero 4k+ and all my media is on an external hd connected via USB.
I can see all the files, but there’s no metadata or thumbnails displaying. I believe this is called “scraping”? Shouldn’t it automatically retrieve this information from TVDB or some such? I can’t find a setting for this.
Please help a newbie. Thanks

You must add it as a source and define the type that is in there (Movies, TV Shows,…)
Maybe check this two guides

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Thanks very much for your reply. I can’t see Kodi menus anywhere, just OSMC. My apologies for being so new to this, could you please tell me how I bring them up?

Well you don’t need to have the same screens as the logic is the same. Just go to Videos -> Files -> Add Videos

But if you prefer to see the Kodi Screens for the setup you can change the Skin to Estuary Settings -> Interface -> Skin

Thanks very much! That works a treat. I didn’t realise I had to “add” etc, thought it might all happen automatically.
Cheers & have a great day.