TV show posters had disappeared [self-solved]

(I figured out what was happening as I typed up this post, but in case anyone’s having the same issue, here’s what happened and what fixed it)

I’ve just updated to the latest and greatest OSMC and for some reason TV Show posters are refusing to display:

The Movies tab still displays its posters fine, and artwork displays correctly in all the other views for TV shows. Here’s what I’ve tried so far to fix it:

  1. reboot
  2. delete userdata/Thumbnails
  3. delete userdata/Databases/Thumbnails13.db
  4. Manually refresh artwork through context menu>information>refresh etc
  5. Deleting TV Shows source and adding it again
  6. Resetting OSMC Skin

Resetting the Skin is where things got interesting. It turns out that some TV Show widgets use Poster under the setting Manage > Widgets Artwork, which seems to now require changing to TV Show Poster. If you’re not using the skin default widget, it will likely be populated with ‘Poster’ and so not display correctly for TV shows, displaying whatever you have listed as Fallback Artwork, which in my case was Icon.

Useful info, I have the same problem, but my previous setting was Season Poster with fallack to Icon, and Season Poster doesn’t seem to be an option any more. Is there a way to get that option back?