TV Show Scraping

So I decided to switch to MySQL for the databases, mainly as I have 3 x Vero 4ks

When I have scraped the Films, everything is found and working

I have set up the TVDB V4 for TV Shows, but it gets around 50%, before all TV shows where there

So for example

/mnt/Media/TV Shows/Bodyguard (2018)/Bodyguard (2018) - S01E01 - Episode 1 Bluray-1080p.mkv
/mnt/Media/TV Shows/Bodyguard (2018)/Season 1/Bodyguard (2018) - S01E01 - Episode 1 Bluray-1080p.mkv

and it still never finds it

its on there as

Ive looked in .kodi/temp/kodi.log with logging turned on, but cant ever see a reverence to any of the .mkv`s

any ideas?

You would need to enable debug logging before updating the library to gain more info from the scan. Do you have nfo files for these shows that are not scanning, and if so are they pointing to a link at TMDB? If so then you would need to switch your series scraper to TMDB, remove the tvshow.nfo file in every series, or for each series bring up the information window, refresh, and tell it to ignore local files.

Yeah, I turned on debug mode, rebooted system, checked it was running update, then run another update shows.

Looked at the logs but cant see any reference to the filenames, the folders theres odd entry but nothing to say cant find suitable title etc, so didnt know if it was in a different log file

I dont use any NFO and never have for TV shows, but previously all 3 devices showed all the shows

I would rarely get one that it doesnt, and if it didnt I would just rename the folder etc as it might be missing the year to need to do it.

If a scrape fails midway, sometimes Kodi thinks all the episodes have been scraped and then never tries to scrape those files again. The only solutions are to:

  1. rename the files
  2. manually go into the database and delete the file entries (which requires you to understand something about the structure of the database).
  3. set the source to type NONE (from TV Shows), save that change, then go back in and change it back (this will sometimes kick start rescanning of files)

There is also an issue with using the MariaDB/MySQL backend with TV shows that have a large number of images (basically the field that holds that information is defined as a TEXT field rather than LONGTEXT). I believe the TVDB4 scraper never implemented a way to reduce the number of images, so those shows won’t scrape. If that’s the issue you are having, you have two choices:

  1. Use the default The TMDb TV Shows scraper. That one limits images so that all shows scrape.
  2. Update the definition on the MySQL/MariaDB database so the field in question is a blob.

This bug has been around for a while and never been fixed in core Kodi (thus the work arounds from the scrapers). More info can be found here:

And a solution involving changing the database definition of that field:

Or you’re having some other issue completely, and a debug log really will help. '-)

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Cheers yeah C06, C08 was set to text, so changed them to medium text,

Unfortunatly im not at home so cant change the content to none then get it to rescan remotly

So will test when I get home

Cheers, thats got all back but one, forgot I had a old tv show folder with the NFO, but it didnt like in the plot it had “£” in a few episodes, so throws a error 1366 removing the £ got everything back