I am scanned TV Shows (“Scrubs” for example) from my NAS to my library. This TV Show have 9 seasons, but season 3 didn’t scanning to my library with TVDB addon with ru or en language. I am checked meta tags in my videofiles with VLC, but it’s empty for all files in all seasons. How it fix?

One possibility is that season3 files are not named correctly. Make sure that they are named in the same way as for the other seasons. A correct name would be something like Scrubs.S03E01.mkv, though other naming formats are also acceptable to Kodi.

If that doesn’t work, also make sure that Kodi has read permission on the files.

For me: Scrubs 3х03 My White Whale.avi pattern for all seasons

Provide debug enabled logs after running a media scan.

I am renamed my files as S03E01 etc. It’s helped

It works, thanks!

Now I know how to spell Scrubs in Russian

Ahah, Klinika (Clinic for RU, Scrubs - officialy)