TV Shows Missing from top level menus

Vero 4K+ with NFS mount of a network share (/mnt/HomeShare).

Within HomeShare there’s two key folders, TV and Movies. I have added these sources, declaring one as Movies the other as TV Shows. This setup has worked for a very long time but I have an issue now I just don’t understand. TV shows folder structure is typically like this -

/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show Name/Season Folders

I recently put some new TV shows onto the NAS

/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show X/Season1/Episode 1.mkv
/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show X/Season1/Episode 2.mkv
/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show X/Season1/Episode 3.mkv
/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show X/Season2/Episode 1.mkv
/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show X/Season2/Episode 2.mkv
/mnt/HomeShare/TV/Show X/Season2/Episode 3.mkv

From the top level menu, the show is found but only shows S01E01, not the remain episodes. I assumed file permissions have messed up, but they’re all accessible by osmc:osmc user.

If I navigate through files and tv and then select the show all season folders are shown, and I can play back the files.

Its like a disconnect between the top level menu, and the files. Any ideas?

Are you using nfo files? Logs would be helpful here. Prefered would be to reboot twice, turn on debug logging, run a library scan, then upload logs.

Yes, NFO are present.

I’ll do as instructed; I’ve been tailing a log file and its littered with

WARNING: No information found for item ‘/mnt/HomeShare/TV/X/’, it won’t be added to the library.

Looking at the NFO’s it looks fine to my eyes. Wifes watching TV at the minute so I can’t reboot! Appreciate the help!

So looks like there’s a lot of NFO files with a zero file size.

I’ve deleted all zero file size nfos and now the show is added, as I’d expect after a rescan. This is clearly a library issue on my side rather than Vero / OSMC issue. Thanks please close the thread!