TV shows not recognized. What's wrong with these names?


I’m having problems making OSMC recognize TV shows. I’m using Raspberry Pi 2 to run OSMC. The TV shows are in a shared samba folder. I don’t have problems adding the source in OSMC. I read something about checking “recursive lookup” but can’t see that option when adding the source and selecting the content type.

This is how the folder structure looks.

All folders are DVD folders. They have AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS

I renamed the folders using different patterns hoping some of them could be recognized but no luck. The series are recognized, I see them in the TV shows section but they are all empty, there aren’t any episodes. Thought that at least the ISO would be recognized. The ISO is from the Season1 Disc1 (episodes 1 and 2) created using IMGBURN.

The default regexps don’t allow for DVD folder structures, this can usually be remedied by replacing the final $ with (?:(?:[\/]video_ts)?[\/]video_ts.ifo)$

I already had the advancedsettings.xml filled with the expressions. This is the content

        <tvshowmatching action="append">
                <regexp>[Ss]([0-9]+)[ ._-]*[Ee]([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)(?:(?:[\\/]VIDEO_TS)?[\\/]VIDEO_TS\.IFO)$</regexp>
                <regexp>[\\/\._ \[\(-]([0-9]+)x([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)(?:(?:[\\/]VIDEO_TS)?[\\/]VIDEO_TS\.IFO)$</regexp>

Even if I didn’t have this file, Shouldn’t at least the ISO file be recognized?

I uploaded my log file
Log file

You would probably find faster and more relevant resolution by posting to Kodi Community Forum - OS independent / Other since this issue is not specific to OSMC and no one else here has offered anything that has been helpful.

After changing the advancedsettings.xml did you reboot? I spent a lot of time messing about with a similar problem (same TV show!) before realising that Lodi needed to be restarted for it to take effect.

Fwiw, my directory structure is TV/Game of Thrones/S01E01E02/VIDEO_TS

I’m not logged in at the moment but could post my advancedsettings if it would help.