TV shows not updating (movies are fine)


I have noticed that from some point last week that my library on my Pi3 has not been updating the TV side of my library. TVDb doesn’t appear at all in my updating info that shows on screen. The shows are being downloaded and I can see them in the library settings but they’re not being updated into the where I can actually watch them.

Not sure if it is related but I have been having a message the last few days saying that OSMC update hasn’t been succesful, but don’t know which one it is referring too.

Hopefully the log shows something if there’s not an issue with tvdb. Thanks

Sounds like a Internet connection problem or DNS issue. Can you open online streams like Internet Radio or YouTube from OSMC?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve not used osmc for those things before, but I was able to download YouTube. However I’ve not been able to get anything to work so it does sound like that could be an issue (but why would movie database work and not the TV one?).

Actually if you was able to download the addon then Internet is working. Youtube need some specific setup therefore might have not been the best example.

Anyhow strange that also your normal updates not working.

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Doing a bit more playing around and I can also get the new shows to play if I go to the manage library settings and go to them that way. Just frustrating that it won’t update my library to reflect the new shows!

If you go to “videos” from the home screen and then “file” and then context menu over the “TV Shows” source and select “scan for new content” does this get the new content to show up?

There wasn’t an option for ‘scan for new content’ when I went in that way. There was a ‘set content’ option and that said ‘none’. Changed it TV shows and everything froze. Reset my Pi and have now lost a few shows from my wall. They are still there in the files section though. However trying to update the library again still only does the movie database and not the TV one.

Try to set content again. If content is set as “none” for the source, it will never scrape the files at that location.

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Tried that and noticed that there was no TV dB scraper option. Selected one of the other ones and the pi froze again! Took a picture of what it’s saying when trying to reboot. Hope you can make it out didn’t know if this would show in a log download.


This may be an indication that your SDcard is stuffed. The install appears to be about 4 years old. Not unheard of. I’d suggest a new SDcard and re-install.

If you want to press forward to test this theory, you can simply touch a test.file to any location on the card, reboot and check if the file actually still exists.

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Thanks. I’ve rebooted the Pi and have now lost half my shows from the wall (although still showing in my files list) so guess that would suggest something ain’t right! Guess I better go remind myself how to do an install again!

I’d recommend getting a new SD card first as well.

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Yeah that too!