TV Shows Scraping issue


After the 18 May 2023 (last TV Show scrapping without issue) all my new scrapping and refresh of tv show added in the past failed :

The TV show appear in my library but there is no season and no episodes.

I was thinking that the added TV show was unknown or badly named but when I try to refresh a TV Show which have been sucessfully scrapped before, it do the same issue : no more season, no more episodes.

Episodes can be played by borwsing them on my HDD

I don’t remember me modifying settings last months but sometimes my memory failed too ^^

Here my logs :

PS : Sorry for my english, I’m French you know.

What is currently configured for your scraper? Is this the same scraper source that it always has been? Are you using nfo files? This sounds like what happens when stored in the database or imported from nfo files is a pointer to one site like TVDB but the scraper is set to something else like TMDB.

It doesn’t look like that log contains any attempted scrapes. I did see a huge amount of log spam regarding a couple of PVR plugins that are getting access denied errors. Not related, but you should look into that. '-)

Anyway, if you are using the older XML scrapers, those things are broken. They have been marked as broken in the Kodi repos and will likely be removed for Kodi 21 (Omega). Check your sources. If you aren’t using TMDb TV Shows ( is the actual name of the scraper), you should switch your sources to that one and refresh any shows having an issue. TMDb TV Shows is the default scraper for Kodi (since Matrix I think) and is actively supported by the Kodi team.

You could also use the TVDB v4 scraper, but you have to install that. Looking at your logs, it doesn’t look like you have, and I generally recommend people stick The Movie Database based scrapers unless there is something particular TVDB has that they want to scrape.

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Thank you for you replies,I will check the sources ASAP and I will you informed.