TV source resets on channel change

I’m using OSMC and TVH with Vero4K and Samsung TV.
The TV remote works fine.

After the May update, when I select a channel in OSMC, the TV source seems to reset.
ie the TV screen goes black for a moment, and then the source is displayed on the TV in the
top left corner.

Everything still works fine, but that ‘reset’ didn’t happen before the May update.

I guess it’s due to the updated LIBCEC.

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Please start your own thread outlining your symptoms fully and providing full logs. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC. Your issue may not necessarily be related to the original poster’s, and to ensure that both they and you are able to get their issue resolved, we would like you to start a new thread for clarity.

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Kodi debug log with CEC component based logging might give some clues.

Does the TV source also change when you play a video?

yes, same behaviour as switching TV channel.