TV Stick - KWorld Dual DVB-T UB499-2T PVR Tuner

Hi All,

I have a KWorld UB499-2T TV stick which is a dual tuner. Currently it is being recognised and only showing one of two adapters tuners in OSMC (TV Headend). Being like this for about a month or so.

Seems to me that it is recognised as a Afatech AF9033 rather than a IT9135 - See Linux TV

Anyone got any ideas how to get my second adapter back?


Latest OSMC has not resolved this neither has a re-install.

One of the tuners may have failed. This is not that uncommon. Try testing it in a computer first.

I have two of these sticks on different Pis and both show both tuners, so I’d say it’s not a problem with osmc.

Mine also show up as AF9033 tuners. I looked into this some time back and, from what I can remember, although the IT913x driver is present, osmc loads the AF9033 driver, but it doesn’t really matter because that driver has full support for IT913x anyway.