Tv switches to pi2/kodi when tv is turned on after upgrade to kodi 17

After my latest dist-upgrade on 2017-02-20 which included kodi 17.0.0-4 I get an unexpected behavior when turning my tv on.
The tv switches automatically to the pi’s hdmi port although this is turned off in the CEC Adapter settings.

Before that upgrade I manually switched to the hdmi port via tv’s input select menu (LG). This was exactly what I wanted as kodi is not my primary source of entertainment.

This behavior might be caused by libCEC 4.0.2.
When I turn off the CEC Adapter via Settings->System->Input->Devices, the tv does not switch to kodi when tv is turned on.
Unfortunately kodi can’t be controlled with the tv’s remote control anymore as CEC is deactivated.
Controlling kodi with yatse ore kore does work, so this is my actual workaround.

Any tips how I can get my tv control working without that annoying switch to the hdmi port?

I tried fresh osmc installations with images OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20161128.img.gz and OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20170210.img.gz and could reproduce it.

  • 2016-11-28 - tv does not switch to hdmi port when tv is turned on
  • 2017-02-10 - tv automatically switches to hdmi port

My log files can be found under

Thanks in advance!

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