TV through OSMC and Raspberry Pi, really?

Hello, I hope I don’t offend anyone with the basicness of my question. I just found out you can have TV via internet, simply because we have had to change providers and we can get phone/internet through the new “box” but we need a satellite dish to get TV thru their “other box”. So I googled around…

Since I don’t really want a dish on the side of the house and I already have a Pi 2, if I set up OSMC on the Pi and plug it into my “box” (Orange-France telecom for the inquiring minds) and then plug my TV screen into the Pi via HDMI and get your remote kit, I can actually have TV via internet on my TV screen??

Is there any kind of tuner I have to buy to make it work? There are so many technical options out there for this that I am a tad confused as to the necessary hardware.

Thanks very much for your help.
Orange C

We need some more info, what do you mean by “plug it in” is it USB? or ethernet?..

Hi, OK, let’s see, I would be connecting my Pi 2 to the internet provider’s box via ethernet, like we do the computers, I wouldn’t be using wifi or anything. Then connect the Pi to the TV screen via the HDMI cable, and plug the Pi into the wall socket, as if the TV screen were my computer screen upstairs. This is my idea but I don’t know if it’s right for Internet TV.

Then I have installed OSMC on the Pi 2 on a 64Gb minidisk, and if I buy the Pi remote kit offered on this site, which happily is on sale, and connect it via the ribbon cable provided, would that be all I need to get TV with remote? No other devices or software to add to the mix?

I ask because it seems so simple and elegant, almost too good to be true.

I am using the Pi 2 currently as an interim desktop while waiting for my NUC to arrive, and am running Ubunto Mate on the 64 Gbdisk as I write this. So the Pi will be free for TV use in a few days.

Thanks for your help,

Well, if you do that, and plug in a USB TV tuner that works with the signal in your country (France probably uses DVB-T ones), then you could watch OTA TV (the same TV you would get if you just plug an antenna to the TV itself). Now, if you want to watch paid cable channels and such… then you’d have to use some of those “not-so-legal” kodi addons that we shouldn’t discuss on this site (google and youtube will help you out with that topic).

My recommendation is that you buy a cheap 2-8GB sdcard and try OSMC out (since installing it on your 64GB one will require to format it). I think you’ll probably like it.

The remote is just a remote, so if it works with your iOS/android remote for kodi… then yea it should work as expected.

Why i wrote we needed more info, was that you did not say if your current solution worked or not, and you were asking for help with that.

I have the OSMC remote myself, it work great so grab it while it’s on sale ;-).


Some information about watch live TV

HI, OK, I have an 8gb sdcard lying around somewhere from some previous something or other. I don’t mind reformatting my 64 tho’ since it will be unemployed along with my Pi 2 as soon as the NUC gets set up.

So great, I need a USB tuner, didn’t know about those. Just what I need to know, thanks. Hmm, would the TV “decoder” (ie the “other box” from the internet provider) serve as a tuner or do I really need a specail tuner device?

I just want regular old TV, yes, nothing fancy, My goal is to avoid a dish on the side of the house, just normal TV will do fine. I 'm not looking to build a real media center or anything like that.

Many thanks,

The original post seemed to be about TV over the internet, about which there is material in the odi Wiki - see here
This requires no plug-in tuner, just some addons (official).
You should be aware that plug-in USB tuners need a decent signal - I cannot do that, where I am, for terrestrial TV, but I can get a satellite signal via dish (needs different tuner type)

Ah just some addons, well that sounds easy enough. Great!

The idea is to avoid anything on the roof or ouside of the house and as we are out in the country (France), we won’t get anything without some big antenna/dish. With the dish we’d get some 160 channels with our current provider but truly we only watch about a dozen of them anyway. We are not big TV-watchers.

So maybe a tuner wouldn’t even get a signal here, like Derek says.

I will just try it with Kodi and see. It sounds like it would work. I mean, we could set up a Windows system downstairs in the livingroom using a big screen and get it via the internet directly from the computer. But because I have the pi…

Thanks for your help and any further suggestions are of course welcome.

orange c

I don’t know where in France you are, but you can get a lot with an 80cm dish, providing you are not too far south.
With an 80 cm dish I have struggled in SE Spain, especially since they introduced tighter footprints - need twice the size and a really good LNB to get UK main TV.

OK, so I have the pi connected to the TV and OSMC installed and I had those 2 codecs so those are in, too.

So; there is no “Live TV” option in the ,OSMC menu.

Which brings me back to ,my original question: what else do I need to get TV? I see people talking about TV headend and HDHomeRun, which is another thing to buy, so what’s the scoop?


You will need a tuner device, and you can consult the kodi wiki to see what else is needed.

So, then, it isn’t really possible to get TV via the internet using OSMC and the Pi 2.


  • Possible? Sure.
  • Available from your ISP/provider? That’s for you to research/determine.

Thank you all for your time and suggestions, all but one that is.


If your TV provider (ISP) supports IP TV, you could have a look at what is possible with DVBLogic (website) and especially their IP TV product.

Edit: Also if you would use a satellite dish or dvb-t stick they have software you could use.

It will be in your Video Addons section provided you installed the streaming addons.