TVDB ERROR: Run: Unable to parse web site

Hi Team. I am putting this in general help and support instead of Rpi even though I’m on an Rpi, because it doesn’t seem like an Rpi problem. My TV Shows are only showing 6, even though there are dozens of shows in the same folder as the ones it found.

After lots of googling around, I landed on Filebot to normalize my file names, and it worked perfectly, renaming all of the files. I havne’t seen a flag to use it to create the nfo files yet, but it just doesn’t seem like something is working correctly here regardless. I have seen many threads on tvdb being down, but it seems to be up right now. And I don’t see a lot of other complaints in the forum.

Here is my log file:

Help would be great help. Thanks.

Looks to me like you need to change how you name your files.

Read more here:

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I’d recommend using something like TinyMediaManager to scrape metadata and organise/rename your tv-shows (and movies) in a way Kodi likes.

Um ya so that’s what filebot does. Not that I think actually read the whole thing or anything.

Whatever filebot may have done to your files, from looking at your logs it’s clear to see that the titling is still all over the place and not at all uniform or compliant with what Kodi expects. You should take some time to examine the link provided above that describes exactly how Kodi needs to see these filenames and their directory structure.


I don’t know why I wasted my time to post a link for you if you can’t be bothered to read it.

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FileBot uses the actual TVDB to look up the files and puts them in a format that Kodi can read. As I said, files in the same directories, with the same filebot, with the same permissions and ownership, are being read fine.

Nonetheless, I used the format command to make them look more like you can see on the Kodi help pages, which of course I wouldn’t haven’t not read before using Filebot.


I actually feel like it is some kind of brain fart that I just can’t find. I am going into settings/video/to the drive/to the TV-Shows directory, right click on it and scan. It scans and seems to just skip all but 6 shows. If I click into that directory, only those 6 shows have artwork. It’s loopy.

Do you have an opportunity to clear your library and scrape again? Your library may be corrupted.

The filenames look OK now, but what does the complete path to the file look like? Without logs it’s hard to guess why it’s still failing.

Yea I’m thinking it is corrupted and just won’t update.

The path is /media/myCloudDrive/TV-Shows/parent-folder/files

Try move the library away (you can always move it back) and see if that helps.

That’s useless information. What is the exact path, as that’s what Kodi will use.

osmc@OSMC-PI:/media/myCloudDrive/TV-Shows/iZombie Season 2 480p ($ pwd
/media/myCloudDrive/TV-Shows/iZombie Season 2 480p (

How do you make it flush the db and start over?

You need to read the link I gave you closer, you naming is still incorrect.

As a hint, you need to directory to be the name of the TV show only. Exactly as it shows on TVDB.

So something like this would be better:


The season directory is not needed, but I find it cleaner to use.

Oh that’s ugly. Yes, it worked so thanks for the followup. Fortunately filebot does allow you to put a …/{n}/ into the format command so it can make clean directories. I did one manually and the system saw it. Now I’m running fb on everything to see what it does.

To me that’s far cleaner than:

/path/to/TV shows/Show 1 season 1/
/path/to/TV shows/Show 1 season 2/

I glad it’s working for you. You do realize that if you had read the link I gave you over a day ago you would have had this issue resolved then? That link clearly shows how to properly name the files and directories.

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I had already read that link but didn’t realize that filebot wasn’t renaming directories as well. I know you are trying to be helpful, the correct advice would have been that the scrape is breaking on directories, not files and to look at the directory names, as the file names were fine in their original state. On closer examination I realized that and figured out how to use filebot successfully.

The correct advice was given, as both directory and filenames were incorrect. But you don’t have to worry about my free advice anymore as with your attitude you will not receive any more from me.

Scraping is extremely sensitive to naming; on a directory and filename level.