TVDB Scraper doesn't work on my pc

Hello guys,

i have a raspberry with osmc installed, the tv series are stored on micro-SD on raspberry.
I have also installed kodi for Windows on my pc.
When i want to see an episode on pc with kodi, i can just open kodi and search the folder “TV SHOW” on my raspberry connected by LAN, BUT i can’t see the informations of the episode or the images, etc… it is like the TV Scraper on Windows kodi can’t see the folder on my raspberry.

Thanks for the help!

You would need to at the movies to the library on the windows PC and scrap them again or use an MYSQL install to share the library.

to… ?? :slightly_smiling:

I don’t want to share database, i need separate database for every device, one for me, one for my brother and so on…

You would need to ADD the movies to the library

I have added a path of my TV shows folder by searching via upnp, this is what you mean ?

upnp sources cannot be added to the library, change to smb or nfs to have them added to the library

in your opinion, which one is better ?

Depends on what is used for sharing, a Windows environment or a Linux environment. Smb = Windows, nfs = Linux

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With samba works fine!

thank you guys!!