TVHE Client Video Buffering


I’m using the TVHE client to access my TVHE server over the internet. This requires around 8-12Mbps on average.

My internet connection is usually 15-20Mbps however now everyone using the internet in lockdown my TVHE Client is freezing temporarily when other members of the family use the internet (usually when i trying to watch the news!).

I thought the solution would be to increase video buffer size.

I’ve followed instructions here -

I’ve edited the advancedsettings.xml in ~/.kodi/userdata/ and playing with various options (always restarting mediacenter after changes), however none of the options i’ve tried appear to either reduce freezing, or even use more RAM (as viewed by Top command) as i would expect.

Am i missing a trick? My advancedsetting.xml are pasted below:

image Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 7.24.44 PM

I’ve tried changing buffer modes, memsize, readfactor to various settings.

Cheers, Geoff.

The default cache setting on the Vero4k is 525M (so your settings would be lower than default cache).

If the default cache is not good enough then there is really not much you can do other than lower the required bandwidth (e.g. lower resolution)

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thx, given that i have a 525M cache I can’t help but wonder why, if i start watching a recording and then pause my buffer doesn’t fill up … 525M would give me around 20 mins of cache which would be ample. A 100MB would be enough to prevent freezing i think.

I’ve would also expect that amount of RAM in use to go up by a few dozen MB after a few minutes of pause. The amount of RAM in use does not change.

To the uneducated it would appear that the 4K’s generous RAM and default cache isn’t really being utilised to cache my TVHE stream.

Cheers, Geoff.

You actually get 37.5% of the specified figure for read-ahead video caching.

As far as tweaking the cache size is concerned, you will only be able to populate the cache from “spare” Internet bandwidth, which might not be very much in your case.

That would depend on how the TVH client has been programmed, or possibly configured. I don’t use TVH, so perhaps someone with an in-depth knowledge of TVH can comment on this aspect.