TVHeadend after last update: Can't detect second DVB adapter (Sundtek)

Hi guys,

I have two Sundtek DVB adapters (DVB-T and DVB-S2).
After latest update, the DVB-S2 adaptor isn’t showing up.
The DVB-T one (terrestrial) is there, but not the other one (satellite).

I dont use the DVB-S2 much these days, so this might have been a problem for a while.

Here’s the DMESG output when the second adaptor is connected:
[Luan Beal 18 22:10:41 2020] usb 1-1: usbfs: process 1374 (mediasrv) did not claim interface 2 before use

Here are the logs:
osmc@osmc-Cavendish:~$ grab-logs -A

Logs successfully uploaded.

Logs available at

Thanks for any help!


Not owning such a DVB adapter but have you seen this thread and especially this post Sundtek DVB-S USB dongle armhf vs. arm64 Tvheadend incompatibility - #15 by brevilo

Hi Jim,

I tried the ‘undocumented’ -system parameter

sudo ./ -system armsysvhf

Now both adapters show up in TVHeadend.

Míle buíochas | Many thanks

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