TVHeadend and Hauppauge WinTV-SoloHD can't watch any channel

Hello guys,

i installed TVHeadend server and client on the new Vero4k+, connected the TV Stick, configured both, started a scan, found many, many Channels and can not watch any of them. Not over the Vero, not over the web interface of TVHeadend. Sometimes the channel starts, but with a horrible picture full of errors. Its a clean install on the vero with no addons except TVHeadend. EPG is working.

The TV-stick is working fine on my pi3 with libreelec with equal configuration. So it seems to be a driver problem?

Any ideas?

Are you externally powering the stick?


No, external power is not possible with this stick.

It should be possible with a USB powered hub.

I have such a hub and give it a try

Unfortunately the hub didn’t help. Still horrible signal on every channel. Switched it to pi3 -> no problems.

@grahamh - is this the stick you have?

Also: is anything else connected via USB?

Yes, the remote transmitter on the other USB-port. Changed the ports, didn’t help either.

Ok, I think @grahamh has this stick. I’ll wait for him to check.

Can you upload some logs of the issues in the interim?



Do i need an extra mpeg-2 licence on the vero, like on the pi3 ?

It is German TV

No – you don’t.

Logs are on

I don’t get a picture, only sound on the Vero. Over Web-Interface of TVHeadend i get a picture full of errors, as if the signal quality is very very bad (it is DVB-C). But it isn’t, on the pi3 the same stick works fine


I tried another TV Stick. The Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD, which was previously plugged into my computer. I reinstalled the Headend Server, made a new scan with the DualHD, found 470 channels, started a few channels for testing and…the exact same bad result. Picture only over web-interface, terrible Quality, etc.

Then i plugged the same stick on the pi3 and…it works! Perfect picture.

So both sticks, the SoloHD and the DualHD don’t work with the vero.

Unfortunately I don’t have either dongle to test, but it may behave better with our 4.9 kernel.

I’ll check the logs shortly.

I was mistaken. @grahamh has August brand DVB dongles.

I can see it uses an SI2168 demodulator, which some people have got working in the past.
I’d suggest waiting for the stable 4.9 kernel (you can try it now, but it’s experimental) and see if that improves things. We’ll then start backporting media improvements from 5.x kernels