TVHeadend and Raspberry Pi 3 Performance

Hey All,

I’m getting a Duel USB Tuner today and am planning on setting up TVHeadend on my Pi 3 to serve both the Pi 3 and the Vero 4k+

As the Pi 3 is near the antenna port in the house, I want to use the tuner on the Pi 3 rather than the Vero. My question is before I set this up, is the Pi 3 up to the task performance wise?

I feel that the Pi 3 lags in performance already and some of the high quality films do struggle to load. TVheadend will also be required to record onto an NFS share over the USB Gigabit adapter (which over USB 2 isn’t full gigabit anyway).

I imagine quite a few people already use TVheadend on the Pi already so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this or should I just setup another Pi as a dedicated TVheadend server?

Many thanks in advance

I used to run a Pi3B+ with two tuners and a powered 3.5" USB drive without issues for TVH.

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I am running TVHeadend server on a Pi2 with a TV hAT board. No problems streaming and recording 1080p DVB-T content.
I run the TVHeadend client on a Pi3.